Ruth Mordy Friedlander at Seasons on the St Croix Gallery

Lowertown Lofts fabric artist Ruth Mordy Friedlander is now showing her tapestries at Seasons on the St Croix Gallery (401 Second Street, Hudson, WI) through February 29, 2016. Check gallery for hours:

Friedlander cites Ralph Waldo Emerson's simple but elegant insight as her touchstone: the creation of beauty is art. Her tapestries include beautiful original tie-dyed fabrics suggestive of nature images, framed in the delicate style of Japanese scrolls.

Friedlander and her friend Marion Angelica,a potter, are part of this unique show that highlights the relationships between women as artists, and the ways they provide support and inspiration to one another. In addition, the gallery displays work by several gifted local potters, painters, photographers, jewelers, and fabric artists.