Interview Questions

  1. First we’d like to hear about your art – what is it that you do? Tell us where you started and where you are now – and where you’d like to end up. Are you involved with any arts organizations that you’d like to talk about? 
  2. How did you hear about our cooperative?
  3. Tell us about your need for a live/work studio space. What about your current living situation is not working and how will you benefit from living here? 
  4. Each member commits to a minimum of 48 hours per year to help manage and maintain the cooperative. How do you feel about making that type of commitment? Have you ever been involved in a community group or done volunteer work? 
  5. Each member serves on either the Board of Directors of our committees. The committees we have are: 

    Finance - handles financial aspects including MCCs and the budget 
    Building - deals with structural and maintenance issues 
    Membership - handles new member selection process and member dispute resolution 
    Design - deals with member proposals for studio capital improvements, new member parties and atrium use including Art Crawl and private shows. 

    We are curious about what you feel you could bring to the coop that would be useful either on these committees or on the Board of Directors. 
  6. How will your schedule accommodate the service requirements? (a minimum of 48 hours per year, regular attendance committee and/or Board meetings meetings, as well as quarterly and annual meetings.) 
  7. Describe your ability to get along with neighbors. Do you feel confident about your ability to live in a closely connected community? Give an example of how you have dealt with conflict. 
  8. Members may have roommates and family members reside in their studios. Will you be living alone in the studio? Who else will be with you? 
  9. Members may also have pets in the cooperative. Do you have any pets? How many? Describe them.
  10. Is the MCC commitment something you feel confident you can meet each month? 
  11.  After we’ve chosen a candidate, we will do credit and criminal background checks on all residents over 18 who will be living here before we make a final decision. We know that sometimes people have things in their past that might show up on these that deserve an explanation – please be forthcoming about any convictions or financial issues or other issues that you think may come up in these checks. We’d like to give you a chance to discuss them now if there are any.
  12. Is there anything we can tell you? Do you have any questions or concerns we can address? (Some people are curious about parking, pets, laundry, storage, living in Lowertown etc.)