Kristi Abbott

Fun. Passionate. Whimsical. Happy. Energetic. 

These are words that come to mind when people view Kristi’s work. And gladly so. Kristi’s work is an extension of who she is – a happy, passionate, fun and energetic artist intrigued and excited by life and the imagination.

From early childhood, Kristi has spent her life travelling between Sydney, Australia and Saint Paul, Minnesota. She was seldom without a book, a Barbie doll and a set of colouring pencils. Later after graduate degrees in Design and an Executive MBA she rose to be the CEO of an online simulation company that merged visual imagery with complex teaching material. In 2012 she decided to ditch the corporate life for one where she could focus on her true passion – to become a living artist. 

As an artist Kristi is fascinated with the use of colour, pattern and texture and she tries to combine these three elements in all of her works in an innovative and exciting way. Her latest series concentrates on the technique of collage and combining imagery and papers in a complex way to create beautiful, multilayered artworks. 

(612) 991 9023