Gretchen Thompson

Gretchen Thompson’s nonfiction works, focusing on the human capacity for resilience of spirit, continue to touch and shape the lives of readers in the United States, Poland and China. She now moves into the world of literary fiction, seeking publication of a first novel, The Love Letters of Stinking Fish.

From Barry Miles, Equity Institute (about Slow Miracles):

“The incredible stories here are reminders of the resilience, resourcefulness, and indomitable power of love and the human spirit. Affirms my belief that even the seemingly toughest of humans are able to change.”

From Robin Whitebird, PhD, HealthPartners Research Foundation (about Resilience):

“Thompson brings to her work a joy and a passion that is both rare and wonderful.” 

From Dr Wilson Yates, President, United Theological Seminary (about Souls Magnified):

“Thompson’s words invite you to explore your own spiritual world and when you respond to their call they will not let you go until you have seen yourself with fresh eyes and touched the heart of what really matters.”

From Christine Smith, Professor of Preaching and Worship United Theological Seminary (about Slow Miracles):

“Drawn from the screams and birthings of the urban landscape, the narratives that fill these pages are haunting and raw in their honesty.”