Frank Brown

Carving out a Life in Saint Paul
The year was 1995; I began working at Quarra Stone Company in Madison, Wisconsin, as a hand stone carver. Not knowing how the work that I created would be attached to monumental buildings across the U.S., I did not realize the impact that this job would have on my career. Many of the projects contracted by this company have become part of the fabric of American architecture on many historical buildings throughout the United States. While working there, I hand-carved much of the stone ornaments for such buildings as the John Hancock Center in Chicago, the Fourth Street Presbyterian Church in Chicago (one of the largest Presbyterian Churches in the country), and the exterior balusters on Minnesota’s State Capitol.
It was not until the summer of 1997 that I arrived in Saint Paul and
noticed my work at the State Capitol building in Minnesota; it was my first time visiting the state. My first home in Saint Paul was then the Days Inn, I asked if I could have a room with a small kitchenette,
because I would be staying at the hotel for some time. The clerk
assigned me a top floor room. When I entered the room, I opened the curtains and was excited to see the State Capitol building. It was then that I remembered carving the balusters back in Madison two years earlier. I felt a strong sense of connection to the City of Saint Paul and the State of Minnesota.
This only made me feel more positive about moving to Minnesota, and I moved into the Lowertown Artists’ Cooperative on November 1, 1997, (insert from 2010 Saint Paul Almanac).

Since moving to St. Paul you can now find my artwork at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Ramsey County Historical Society Gallery at the Landmark Center, St. Paul and throughout downtown St. Paul. 

In 2017 career background was added to Wikipedia under “Frank J. Brown Sculptor” Contact information: cell (612)414-9079,